• Maria Giselle

The Year Of Abundance

Happy New Year !!!!! .... 2020 is the year full of the abundance frequency. Abundance of Love, Happiness, Health, and Prosperity .... my question is ... Are you aligned to these frequencies? or Are you still chasing and struggling to achieve your intentions? It is time for you to change and align yourself with what this year wants to offer you .... open your eyes ... if every day you are fighting to achieve your daily necessities ... you are vibrating the old ... it is time for you to change your thoughts and your actions, to attract what you really desire .. So what should you do ... first ... stop worrying ... worries only lower your frequency ... second ... write your intentions on paper ... and read it every night before bed ... Remember to write your intentions as if you already obtained it ... then let the universe do its thing ... I love you and may this year be the first of a life full of abundance in all aspects.

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