• Maria Giselle

Are You Grateful?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

In November we celebrate Thanksgiving. A time where we share a meal with our friends and family and give thanks for having them in our lives. 

But it got me thinking, is this the only time we take time to appreciate and be grateful for having these individuals  in our lives? Is this the only time you stop and give thanks to all you have? Do we realize how fortunate we are and what we truly have? or are we truly grateful? and in the same aspect, what is being grateful?

So you know I had to look up the definition... Grateful means feeling or showing gratitude.; affording comfort or pleasure. Synonyms: Thankful, appreciative, glad. Being Grateful is a positive action or a response to events, situations, people that surround you.  So are you grateful? Do you act/respond with gratitude?

Do you allow yourself to be grateful to the people that make you feel glad? Do you recognize when situations, events, things in your life make you feel comfortable, pleased, happy. When we start focusing and being grateful to those people and things we currently have, we truly see what is valuable in our lives. In addition, we start to change our focus from what we need right now, to what truly makes us happy. That in turns, elevates your spirit, changes your frequency, and allows more love and "good" to happen in our lives. 

When we live in Gratitude we live better lives, because we see what we have. There is no lack, just appreciation. 

This Month, I challenge you to focus on gratitude and watch miracles happen in your life. 

Don't know how to start? Come Join This Month's healing circle - The power of gratitude.

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