• Maria Giselle

Live In Your Magnificence

It is time for you to wake up and open your eyes to what is truly happening around you… you see… you are the artist… in tarot… you are the magician… the one who creates the world you live in… the one that makes things happen….

This month I want to motivate you in letting your light shine… be you in all sense of the word… Sing, Dance, Draw, Paint, Create, Invent, etc. Whatever makes the light inside you glow and shine brightly. That one thing you do that makes you smile so big that nothing can take that smile away.

You see once you own that gift, that one thing, and start to shine your magnificent glow…. The world around you can’t help but shine and transform in a way that will allow you to do and be you all the time.

For this month, I challenge you to let your light shine, and be your complete self.

Join me in this month's reiki healing circle- Shine Your Magnificence , and let go of all past experiences and stagnate energies that are preventing you from shining your light.

© 2019 by Maria Giselle