• Maria Giselle

Imperfectly, PERFECT!!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Today I was enjoying the 89 degree weather, with a beautiful blue sky, white puffy clouds, sitting on the halfway green and hay yellow grass, staring at a pond with piles of algae around the edges and in the middle. Seeing a mixture of striving trees and flowers, as well as sun burnt and shriveled up plants. And all I can think about is, it is a Beautiful Day.. is is a beautiful site.

Even the blue sky with its perfectly puffy clouds, has others that look misshapen or stretched out to nothing and yet you cant help but think how Beautiful it looks and makes you feel.

Come to think of it... What is PERFECT?

I mean where did the concept you hold as perfection come from? When you think of your perfect life.. what's the bases of that thought? that idea?

Is it possible that as we look for and struggle to find and achieve the PERFECT life, we are missing out on the IMPERFECTLY, PERFECT life we are living?

Is it possible that as we look towards the future to "what's next", and "something better;" we are missing out on the something better that is happening TODAY?

Can the Imperfectly, perfect life you are living this very moment be an answer to the wishers and desires of yesterday.. and we have looked passed them, instead of giving thanks for the beauty that it is........

This month, I challenge you to be grateful for the imperfect life you are living today.... I challenge you to truly look at its beauty and see how the "imperfections" are truly creating pathways, inspiration, and opportunities for the "perfection" that is coming next.

I challenge you to smile, laugh, and truly give thanks to today..... because in doing so, you will truly be present in the blessings that are happening today and those to come....

Live your Imperfect life, and you will find that there is PERFECTION in its IMPERFECTIONS.

© 2019 by Maria Giselle