• Maria Giselle

How Are You Using Your Energy?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

FACT: The average adult contains 7 Quintilian joules of potential energy. That is a 7 with 18 zeros after it, I had to look it up too :)

That is 7 Quintilian watts of energy per second running through your body. That is equivalent to 30 atom bombs, and we have seen the chaos that 1 atom bomb creates.

So think about that for a minute... in your body you have 30 atom bombs worth of stored energy, flowing through your body, waiting for you to use it, to direct the energy

to where you want to go. So what are you using it for? How are you using your energy? How are you using your energy to transform your life?

So now thinking about this, it is scientifically proven that your thoughts, your brain uses 20% of the energy in your body in any given time. Your thoughts create a vibration, a frequency that gets sent out to your environment, to the universe saying here I AM; This is what I am thinking.

Every thought is sending out a wave of energy equivalent to 6 atom bombs... sending out your message...... What message are you sending? What constant and repeating thoughts are going through your head day in and day out? What are you calling to your existence?

Now thinking about this... if you can only have 1 thought.... and that thought if you hold on to it can change your reality, can change your life, what would that thought be? Knowing that holding on to that one thought will send out an explosion the size of 6 atomic bombs to completely change and transform your life.

Just like how when you are sad and it rains or you hear the saddest songs related to your situation on the radio... or you are in an amazing mood, and you receive complements left and right and people notice you from afar.

What if you can make this one thought the happiest thought possible. A single thought on how you want your life to be, of how it looks like, smells like, feels like. A single thought on how you are living your life and in turn that thought causes a wave reaction of events and situations to occur to transform your life to match that thought...

It is time to think of that one thought? What is that one thought in your life? Where are you sending your energy? What are you using your energy to create?

It is time to create an explosion of events to knock you life into the direction you truly want. Have that ONE THOUGHT, and hold on to it the next 21 days... lets see what changes it will make.

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