• Maria Giselle

Where Is Your Power?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

You are an unlimited being capable of manifesting what your heart and soul desire.  

What's stopping you? Where is the power?

Many times what you will find is that at some point you began to renounce your power. At some point, you accepted some barrier, limit or obstacle as a fact of what you can and can not achieve. You have placed yourself in a box, created by illusions based on what society, people or family have told you.  

Well, it's time to eliminate these limits and be your complete being. This month I propose that you make a list of your obstacles and limitations.  

Then I want you to write next to each one where this obstacle came from, was it a situation that happened in your life? Was it a member of the family who told you? Was it a boss or a school that told you about this limit? Was it society?  

Once completed, one by one I want you to eliminate these limits visually cross them out on paper. While doing so, imagine that you are erasing them from your life, along with the control and limitations created by them.  

If you are interested in unlocking the energy centers associated with your


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