• Maria Giselle

From Looking, To Creating Love

I was talking to a friend and we were discussing one of his favorite book series.... during our discussing he mentioned how the main character's powers were limited to his ability to find someone with a certain ability being next to him in order for him to use his powers and mimic the same ability.

The best part of the series however, was when the character came to the realization that he was limiting his own powers by his thoughts... you see because he believed he needed the person around him, he limited his ability to be able to replicate their gifts... however when he realized all he needed to do was think of an ability being possible that he was able to replicate and create the outcome that he was looking for.

That got me to think about how many times we create limits to our wants and desires... to OUR Abilities... especially when it comes to Love...

You see we all desire Love... to be loved, to have love, to be in love... and yet in order to have Love, we look for it. We look for people in order to have love... we look for individuals that match our likes. Individuals that have the most items in our checklists of what we are looking for in a partner, friend, relationship.

What if I tell you, the problem is that you are looking... you see to look means that there is a possibility that it isn't there, or that it doesn't exists. That this ideal person is a figment of your imagination...

You see we ALL have the ability to CREATE... Our thoughts, create energy that act as a beacon calling for this action to take place.. for this outcome to happen... for this overflow of joy, abundance, health and LOVE to come into out lives.

Like the character in the series, it is time for your turning point.. for your revelation... It is time for you to start creating LOVE instead of looking for it.

Remember when you fell in love the first time? You weren't looking for it, it just happened. All you had was the idea of love, how it would feel like, how it would be.. and it happened. Of course, with the experience we have had you can perfect that idea of love... there is no such things as it is too good to last, if you create the always good.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Let go of the past, the past is there to remind us of what we didn't want so we can great better. (Sometimes we miss the ball on important items we didn't realize we needed the first time)

  • There are no limits... you are only limited by your own thoughts and beliefs.

  • Love yourself.. when we love who we are others can't help but love us the same way... (crazy hair, big curve, who cares... if you own it, they will love it too)

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