• Maria Giselle

Are YOU Poisoning Yourself?

We have all been there... that time in your life where we feel everything is going wrong.... your rolling down a hill and there is nothing to stop you from crashing to the bottom.... you feel an explosion of emotions... Sadness, frustration, anger.... you push everyone away or get angry at them for no reason, then wonder why you are fighting your battles alone... You know the feeling... that loneliness... the frustration..... the built up anger.... that makes you feel outside of yourself... makes you feel like you are not you and you know it, but you don't know where to look for a solution, since everything seems to be crumbling.

We have all been there at some point in our lives, but what causes it? What creates this downhill spiral?

The answer is YOU. Somewhere along the line, YOU gave up YOUR POWER. Somewhere along your journey, YOU accepted and absorbed others ideas, thoughts, prejudices, and jealous comments to second guess your own truths, goals, and realizations. YOU absorbed their fears and doubts and made them your own. YOU absorbed the chaotic energy around you and accepted it as your own.

All of these scenarios are examples of YOU giving away YOUR POWER... allowing others to take your energy and create the life they want for YOU... often times just mirroring there own life. So why are YOU giving it away? Why are YOU allowing others to decide YOUR OUTCOME, YOUR FUTURE? Why are YOU allowing others to control YOUR MOOD?

When I put it in these words, it seems kinda silly, right? YOU allowing others to decided for YOU. Putting other's thoughts and ideas in front of YOUR OWN. Today I am telling you that it is time to stop. STOP giving away YOUR POWER... STOP absorbing others thoughts, ideas, feelings, and fears.... and START taking YOUR POWER back. START planning for the life YOU want for YOURSELF, and allow the universe to remove those people, situations, and places from our lives so that we can truly be OURSELVES and be truly happy.

How to take back YOUR POWER:

  1. Wear Yellow or Gold this is the color of your Solar Plexus Chakra and will help open and increase its vibration.

  2. Make a list of all that is going wrong, along with a list of everything your are feeling. Make sure to feel the feeling as you do, then burn the paper as you watch the paper burn, visualize the chains of these issues and feelings break and release you.

  3. Listen to 432 Hz Music - Your Home Frequency, will help Balance You. (I normally listen to it while I sleep)

  4. Complement yourself, be your own cheerleader.

  5. Schedule a Reiki Healing Session.

© 2019 by Maria Giselle